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Statistics for ecologists


A collection of links to sites with mathematical and statistical material (software, documents) that may be useful to ecologists and evolutionary ecologists


Ecologically-oriented software | Structural Equation Modelling

SAS-related stuff  | General Statistical Libraries


Ecologically-oriented software

Clearinghouse for Ecology Software
University of Tennessee Mathematical Life Sciences Archives WWW Server for Statistics and Analysis Software
Links for Palaeobotanists
Kovach Computing Services MVSP, ORIANA (Circular Statistics), SIMSTAT
Pierre Legendre's Home Page
R package Home Page
Morphometrics at SUNY Stony Brook The best site on Earth for morphometric software.
UTK Mathematical Life Sciences Archives
Common Principal Components Patrick Phillips' Software Page
On-line software for Clustering and Multivariate Analysis
Colorado State University Dept of Fishery and Wildlife Biology
ADE-4 Statistical Package
Digital Taxonomy Morphometrics and Biodiversity Data Management
PC-ORD Multivariate analysis for ecological data
DISTANCE Home Page Distance sampling surveys of wildlife populations
EstimateS Statistical Estimation of Species Richness, by Robert K. Colwell
Patuxent Software Archive Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Software Archive
MARK Home Page Analysis of data from marked individuals
Mauro Cavalcanti's collection of Software and Links
Geostatistical Software for PC

Structural equation modelling (SEM) and path analysis

Filip Lievens' site
Ed Rigdon's SEM FAQ
SAS-related stuff (docs, faqs, macros, programs, news)
SAS Institute:
           SAS Institute Home Page
           SAS Documentation/Publications
           SAS Institute FTP server
Macros and programs:
           Collection of SAS macros - Univ. Heidelberg
           SAS Macros for Exploratory Data Analysis SAS macros by Dominique Ladiray
           SAS Graphic Programs and Macros by Michael Friendly
           SAS Sample Library File Contribution Server
           O. Schabenberger' page
           Arnold Schick's SAS Pages
           SAS macros Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
           UCLA Resources to help you learn and use SAS
General Info, FAQs and Manuals:
           SAS Coding Tips and Techniques
           ISD Web Information on SAS
           SAS Information Guides
General mathematical and statistical libraries, documents and sites of interest

The R Project for Statistical Computing

Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources Michael Friendly's
Annotated Bibliography of Articles for the Statistics User
GAMS : Guide to Available Mathematical Software
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics 
Resampling Stats
St@tServ - Statistical Software
Generalized Additive Models A clear and concise introduction to GAMs
Russ Lenth's power and sample-size interactive page

Emili Garcia-Berthou's Statistical Ecology Links


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